How to Enroll

Enrollment for the 2020–2021 school year is now open! Follow the steps below to apply today.

Ways to Enroll


Access our Enrollment Resources for details on enrollment timelines, eligibility, and announcements.


5 Easy Steps to Enroll in ISPA

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser to complete the following steps.

If you need assistance in another language, please call 855.710.0910.


1. Access the Parent Portal

The Parent Portal site provides access to your online application, real-time alerts to help you stay on track, and quick links to important info.

Create your new user account or log in.


2. Submit an Application

Once you've begun an application in the Parent Portal, click the option to add a new student or continue with your application. Simply fill in the fields with your child's information, select the school you wish your child to attend, and click Submit.


3. Complete the Admissions Process

In this step, you'll provide more detailed information about your student and upload additional documents, such as proof of residency and a birth certificate. For a list of specific documents that will be required, contact our enrollment consultants at 855.667.4536.


4. Next Steps

All families participate in a pre-approval telephone conversation with an enrollment consultant. This will help you identify documents you may need to complete, depending on your student’s situation.


5. Receive Official Approval

Upon successful completion of the enrollment process, your student will be approved. Please check your email for important information regarding your student's status and how to access the Online School platform.

Thank you for your interest in Insight Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School! If you have questions on the enrollment process or need more information, please check our FAQs or call us at 855.667.4536.

We look forward to welcoming your family into our Insight Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School community!

Questions? Call toll-free: 855.667.4536

Enrollment Resources

Important Announcements

Enrollment for the 2020–2021 school year is now open!

Eligibility Requirements

Your child must meet the kindergarten entry-age requirements for the school district in which you reside to be eligible for kindergarten enrollment at Insight PA Cyber Charter Academy (ISPA).

While attending ISPA you must maintain full-time, Pennsylvania residency. Recurring travel outside of Pennsylvania is generally permissible if in line with school policy and if pre-approved by school administration. Materials and equipment will only be shipped to the address you have provided on Pennsylvania residency documents.