Our Schools

The fundamental purpose of Insight PA Cyber Charter School (ISPA) is to enable, inspire, and prepare students to achieve the highest levels of academic standards so they can make a powerful impact in their communities. ISPA's vision is to ignite a desire for learning in every student and nurture them to understand their goals and create a clear path toward achieving them.

We believe that students learn in different ways and therefore deserve a school that can adapt to their strengths and gaps. For some of our students, this may mean a more asynchronous instructional approach. Others, particularly those who struggle academically, or with levels of engagement, are likely to follow a more synchronous approach.

We know that engagement is the first prerequisite for success. Consequently, while teachers play the central role in our instructional model, we complement them with counselors, family support teams, social workers, and other support staff. Our teams look at each student, attempt to understand them as a whole, and in partnership with families, create a plan that will lead to across-the-board progress. Our students must be engaged if we hope to succeed.

ISPA believes that students should be surrounded by dedicated leaders, teachers, and parent partners or other responsible adult acting as Learning Coaches. This team of teachers, family support team members, counselors, specialists, community coordinators, and Learning Coaches is committed to:

  • Setting high expectations for all
  • Identifying and removing barriers that impede student growth
  • Identifying the best individualized learning approach to meet each student's unique needs
  • Engaging in meaningful, direct communication about goals and progress
  • Fostering deep collaborative partnerships among students, parents, community, teachers, staff, and administrators
  • Utilizing research-based instruction to ensure mastery for all
  • Respecting that time is a limited commodity that should never be wasted

Each online classroom offers engaging and relevant curriculum that builds on students' interests and abilities. Student needs, as identified by regular assessment, inform our teaching and guide appropriate and effective intervention services. We offer an enriched learning environment and a comprehensive system of supports to address the needs of the whole child. We aim to be a place where students, some of whom are experiencing challenges, can grow.

ISPA uses quality curriculum from K12. With courses in five core subjects, the K12 curriculum is designed to let students find the learning style that works best for them and to enable them to find their own path to success.

The curriculum is wrapped with rich, engaging content that captivates minds—the minds that usually wander when traditional classes are too slow, the minds that get lost in the shuffle, the minds that need a little more time.

Because at ISPA, we believe that all children deserve to learn without limits.

ISPA teachers share how they ignite their students’ passion for learning.