Elementary School

Pennsylvania-certified elementary school teachers teach all core subjects in Insight PA Cyber Charter School (ISPA) grades K–5 in a self-contained (online) classroom model. Elementary teachers build relationships and maintain contact with all students and families via telephone, live sessions, in-person experiences (such as field trips), conferences, and during standardized testing participation. Teacher-directed lessons are offered in a synchronous (real-time) environment for those students for whom this format is recommended. Students who are engaged and demonstrate proficiency in skills may be able to complete lessons asynchronously. In those situations, Teachers evaluate and monitor progress and mastery of content, and offer synchronous sessions for enrichment. Elementary teachers use a standards-based report card aligned to PA Core and Academic Standards, which will be distributed quarterly. Elementary teachers develop clear and comprehensive instructional learning paths for each student and monitor progress toward these goals throughout the school year.

Students in grades K–5 will study English/language arts, mathematics, history/social studies, science, art, music, PE, and health. Students will be expected to master PA standards in all disciplines in order to be considered for grade level promotion. For students who are struggling, ISPA will modify curriculum expectations as appropriate per Pennsylvania Department of Education guidelines.

The elementary model will also include social opportunities that will take place across the state.

Grading and Reporting in Elementary K–5

PA Academic Standards-Based Progress Reports distributed quarterly include:

  • Student mastery designation of each standard covered:
    • Basic, Below Basic, Proficient, Advanced
  • Adequate Course Progress
  • Assessment Completion

ISPA uses online curriculum and education services provided by K12. Learning can happen at home, on the road, or wherever an internet connection can be found. Enrolled students must be full-time residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, however, and all learning time spent out of the state must be reported to both the attendance office and the principal. Attendance, teacher interaction, and daily lessons are conducted online. Many lessons use physical materials and offline tools as well.