How It Works (High School)

Work Completion Expectation

Focusing on student learning and academic growth is paramount at Insight PA Cyber Charter School (ISPA). While desiring to offer flexibility in our high school, we must also have accountability to offer every opportunity for student success. With this in mind, students need to recognize the importance of classroom pacing and published due dates and will need to complete their work based on those dates.

ISPA high school uses a semester-based approach where students are required to earn a passing grade of 60 percent or above on their assignments and online lessons. Due dates are assigned to lessons to encourage consistent, steady progress for academic success. Attending teacher-led, direct-instruction, online synchronous Class Connect sessions, along with completing coursework, will assist with student success. We encourage students to follow their class schedule pacing, which is designed to help them succeed.


Email is the primary form of communication between the school and families. Learning Coaches and students are required to check and respond to emails on a daily basis.


Attendance is logged Monday through Friday; however, academic progress can be achieved during the weekends as well. High school students are expected to spend six hours per course per week. A student who takes five courses and spends six hours per week on each one is devoting approximately 30 hours per week to his or her coursework. For more information on attendance requirements please review the attendance policy contained in our Student and Parent Handbook.


Our testing is purposeful and meaningful, and drives our instructional practices to best serve the individual needs of your child. In addition to quizzes and tests within online courses, students will take Star360 assessments upon enrollment. Star360 assessments in math and reading provide information regarding academic strengths and weaknesses and student growth in both of these subjects. Students in all grades will take the Star360 assessment at the start of the school year and/or upon enrollment and again at several interim points through the year. Each assessment will take about 20–30 minutes. These assessments will be taken virtually. Star360 is adaptive and adjusts questions to your child’s learning level based upon responses. A student report will be sent to each Learning Coach.

High School students may also work within USA Test Prep. USA Test Prep is an assessment tool that aligns with Pennsylvania State Academic Standards. USA Test Prep is used for instruction and assessment across subject areas in grades 6–10. The grades for these assignments will be available in your student’s gradebook within the course and are an integral part of the course. Your student can use this program from any computer with internet access.

State Testing

Keystone Exams

The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to assess proficiency in the subject areas of Algebra I, literature, and biology. Each exam contains multiple modules and students must score proficient on each module to score proficient on the overall exam. Students can retake individual modules as needed. Alternative assessment pathways may be available for students who take the exam, participate in remediation, retake the exam and cannot score proficient. At ISPA, students usually participate in the literature and biology assessments in 9th grade, and in the algebra assessment in 9th or 10th grade, depending upon course completion. Keystone exams are offered multiple times each year. Parent Keystone information sessions will be provided prior to each assessment window. More information about Keystone assessments can be obtained at the Pennsylvania Department of Education website.

It is the responsibility of the Learning Coaches to ensure that their high school students attend mandatory Keystone testing. Failure to attend testing will result in accrual of unexcused absences and could result in truancy action.